Sunday, June 18, 2017


Amaryllis #36 for the year is Benfica.  I finally got one, after last year's disappointing mislabeled bulb that turned out to be Cybister Rose.

Amaryllis Benfica

I'm a little underwhelmed, because the flower is pretty small.  It has really nice color, though, and I probably shouldn't judge it too harshly because it has been struggling a little and the bulb is still unrooted. Next year the flowers will probably be bigger and more impressive. Still, its shape is a typical amaryllis, with the rounded petals, and the color is not significantly darker than most of my other reds.  It's pretty but not outstanding.

Thus concludes my informal quest for The Best Red (for now).  I declare the winner to be Red Pearl, with Grand Diva a close second.  I really like the more star-shaped pointy petals of Red Pearl, which barely edged out the slightly darker Grand Diva.

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