Monday, June 19, 2017

Well, that went quicker than expected...

I had a lovely weekend of mostly hardanger-ing.  I'd almost forgotten how wonderful it is to just sit and stitch for hours at a time.

I finished the buttonhole stitch all around the top and sides, PLUS the kloster blocks just inside, PLUS the eyelets in the klosters.

Surprisingly, all that only took three days: Friday late afternoon and evening (buttonhole edge), Saturday afternoon and evening (klosters), and Sunday afternoon and evening (eyelets).  It was probably about 25 hours all together.  I was really not expecting to get all this done in so few days, but once I got going it was just a soothing repetitive motion and I sort of went into autopilot mode, especially on the eyelets. 

hardanger curtain

I cannot tell you how incredibly satisfying it was stitch the kloster blocks up to the last corner and see that everything lined up exactly perfectly, down to the last thread.  My counting was correct.

The whole time that I was doing the buttonhole edge I debated about whether I would go ahead and do the klosters and eyelets.  Will I, won't I, will I, won't I?  I tried to tell myself that it would take so long, and there would be so many eyelets, and I didn't really want to tackle that many eyelets after I just finished all the eyelets on the stacked diamonds.

Finally I sat my whiny mind down and told it that I shouldn't take shortcuts.  A buttonhole edge backed by klosters and eyelets is the most stable way to finish off an edge.  It just is.  The edge is the part of the piece that takes the most stress, and there's no point putting in all the work on the rest of the curtain if the buttonhole stitches eventually pull out of the edge because they're not properly secured.

I guess I could have just done the buttonhole and waited until after the fair to do the rest, but that's backwards.  It would be harder to do after the excess fabric was cut away from the edge, and more likely to distort.  It just wouldn't be right.

So I did it the right way.

hardanger curtain

And lest you think that I had a completely slothful weekend, I also did two loads of laundry, hung them out, put them away instead of leaving the pile of clean clothes in the basket, changed my sheets, cleaned my bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, watered and checked all my plants, mowed my lawn, went to the Farmer's Market, and put 12 pounds of local strawberries in the dehydrator.

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Anne said...

Spectacular!!! You are amazing.