Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Graceful serenity

One of my Echinopsis subdenudatum cacti is blooming again.  I have several of these because they're so pretty, and this is the first of many buds that are developing this spring.

I could tell that this flower was going to open overnight, so I put it on my bedside table when I went to bed.

Echinopsis subdenudatum

I checked it every time I woke up, and some time between 3:06 and 5:20, it opened!  I blearily registered that it was open at 5:20, but I couldn't wake up enough to take a picture for another hour.

Echinopsis subdenudatum

These flowers are so beautiful.  They are huge compared to the size of the plant, and have that amazingly long flower tube.  And they're fragrant, too, a sweet almost jasmine scent.

Echinopsis subdenudatum

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