Monday, June 12, 2017


Another beautiful orchid to share today, called Miltoniopsis Lila Fearneyhough 'H624'.  This is a hybrid, with a lovely pattern of magenta purple petals and sepals and a darker waterfall on the white lip.

The best part?  It's heavily scented, and smells just like roses!

Miltoniopsis Lila Fearneyhough 'H624'

Miltoniopsis orchids are notoriously tempermental, liking cool-ish temperatures (60-80 F), moderate light, and constant moisture with good airflow and high humidity.  Not really the climate of eastern Oregon.  However, I feel triumphant that this bloomed for me!

I've steered clear of Miltoniopsis in the past after killing several, but I couldn't pass this one up.  It was 75% off with no flowers left, but the one next to it on the shelf with one flower left had that amazing fragrance.  The plant with the lone flower was in very poor shape, but this one looked good so I took a chance for $5.  Four months later here's my reward.

Miltoniopsis Lila Fearneyhough 'H624'

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ooooh pretty!