Monday, May 16, 2005

After finishing the bookmarks-that-weren't-hardanger, I felt the need to make something that was hardanger. This is what I came up with:

It's pretty simple, but I think it'll look nice as the top of a sachet, filled with lavender from my garden. It's about eight inches across.

It took about 12 hours to make- four evenings. There are a lot of woven bars and dove's eyes! I haven't done hardanger for quite a while, and I've lost the callus on my right index finger, where I kind of "bounce" the needle off to redirect it back up through the fabric while weaving the bars. I kept poking my finger, and even with a blunt tapestry needle, that hurts after a while. The results are worth it, though.

I think the reason hardanger appeals to me is that it's so geometric and tailored. It's lace-ish, but not frou-frou.

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Zardra said...

That's very pretty lace work. Thanks for your comments on my shawl. :)