Sunday, April 29, 2007

Panda cory fry, less than one day old.

The fourth egg hatched last night sometime between 10:00 and midnight. I put a small tuft of java fern in their tub when I changed the water this morning, so they have something to hide under. I have the tub floating in the net breeder, so it's really close to the tank light, and I don't want to stress the fry out too much.

Floating the tub in the net breeder is working out very well, I think. It's easier to clean than the net, and there's no danger of the babies getting crushed between the net and its plastic framework, yet the tub water stays the same temperature as the tank water.

Yay for fry!


Leigh said...

This is so neat. Don't you feel like a proud mama?

Suz said...

I'm glad your last Cory hatched.

Cory hatchlings are so much cooler than guppy hatchlings (the only fish I've managed to breed, and well, that's not exactly hard, is it?)

PJ said...

I'm liking this! Oh, and the pic of your outside spinning..that was great!

Renee said...

I love the picture essay of the wee babies. Very cute!