Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally, Clue 4 is done. Don't know why this one took me so long, I just didn't feel like knitting the past couple nights. Clue 4 was longish (135 rows) but not complicated, just the small flower (or whatever) motif and the border pattern.

Still liking it, though I must admit that I'm a little nervous about what's going to happen in the next clue. I think Melanie, the designer and fearless leader of the mystery-along, has said or at least hinted that the design is asymmetrical and a fairly significant pattern change happens with the next clue. But I like symmetry.

And there's also the matter of the mysterious lifeline she had us put in at a specific row, at what I think will be the midpoint of the shawl. I've never needed lifelines before, but she told us it was very important so I did it. If you click to enlarge the picture, you can see the tails of the lifeline sticking out the sides, and it is NOT at the end of Clue 4, it's back a ways. What's going to happen with that????!! A ruffle knit across the back of the stole? A collar-y thing that needs to be centered? Wings on both sides? A second layer that we graft to the end to make a loop or moebius?

I guess if worse comes to worst and I don't like the way the shawl looks, I can frog it back and knit the second end as a mirror of the first. That would be very pretty too, and I actually may knit a second one of these and do just that. For now, though, I'll keep on doing as I'm told.


Caroline M said...

I did a mystery shawl once and it taught me that I really like knowing the end before I start! It's the reason that I'm not making this one, even though I love everything that Melanie has designed I still want to see the end before I start the beginning.

Laritza said...

I have the patterns but have not started knitting them. I wanted to have a better idea of the final product before I decided if I wanted to knit it or not. I think it is beautiful and you have done a lovely job.
From the life line and what Melanie says I have the feeling that she is going to have the second part of the stole started from the opposite point and then graph in the middle. That would explain the must have life line and the symmetry she is talking about.