Friday, July 27, 2007

The panda cory I released into the big tank is doing great, and has grown quite a bit. I managed to get some video yesterday that wasn't too bad:

I also released the second-oldest fry into the big tank this morning. He's only 7 weeks old and still slightly smaller than the other was when released him, but is big enough that the tetras can't eat him. The fry tank is getting a bit crowded, since I have 15 more babies in there as of yesterday! That brings the total in the fry tank to 20! I'm not rescuing any more eggs for a while.

While I was at it, I shot this video of the adult female eating an algae wafer.

You can also see a male panda cory, glowlight tetras (the orangy striped ones) and black neon tetras (the black striped ones). The black neons are the pushiest fish in the tank, especially the large female. She doesn't like any of the other tetras getting too near her spot when there's food around! The tetras like algae wafers, but seem to be intimidated by the cories and also have a hard time seeing the wafer when it's flat on the gravel. So they mostly eat the pieces of wafer that break off and float around in the current.

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jackie said...

The new fry guy is very cute and the tetras seem to be pretty pushy when there is food involved. I had fish as a teenager and loved to watch the show that they would put on.