Thursday, August 02, 2007

I finally, finally finished up the crocheted lattice scarf. I have had this thing mostly done since the beginning of July, all it needed was the final row of single crochet and blocking! One measly row, and it took me almost a month to get around to it. Anyway, here it is.

This is from the skein of yarn I spun from the handdyed roving given to me by Liz . The scarf is 2 oz, measures 50" x 6.5" and used about 445 yards. I have 4.5 yards of yarn left over, since I stopped before I ran out in order to maintain the pattern.

It blocked nicely, and you can really see the lattice pattern. It feels nice and soft against the skin, and I would happily wear this. It turned out shorter than I initially thought it would, but it's still long enough to toss the tails to the back and block the chill at the neck of a jacket. I'm not a fan of long scarves that get in the way, anyway.

AND, I'll have you know, those last two pictures were taken by Emma! Not bad for a three year old!


Liz said...

So pretty, I love it!

And great photos, Emma! I like the one she took of you with the backlit tree... very artsy. ;)

Cathy said...

Well done - I love that pattern anyway and the yarn really goes well with it.

Good job, Emma!!

PJ said...

Gorgeous! What a lovely faint rainbow color! What is that stitch? I love it! I think we have a future blogger in the works! (Emma)