Monday, October 08, 2007

You know that dream where you're in school and you can't find your locker, or you can't remember the combination, or you can't remember what class you have next or you can't find the right classroom? And you're going to be late for class and the faster you try to walk, the harder it is to get anywhere? Also, maybe you don't have pants on?

Yeah, that one.

I had that dream most of the night.

Interview in 2.5 hours.


gtr said...

Ooooh, good luck! How did it go??

I am hoping I can take some time off with baby, and know the reentry will probably be nervewracking for me too!

You'll do fine...

Suz said...

I'm sure you do(did) fine in the interview.

That is a terrible dream, though - right?

Elayne said...

That dream sounds all too familiar to me :0 It's sure to bring you good luck, not that you need it.

Caroline M said...

I'm sure it wiil be/is/was fine, these things are never as bad as we fear.

My variant of that dream is turning over the paper in the exam to find that it's in a subject I haven't studied but no one will listen to me or let me leave.

Kris said...

Soooo... what happened? I'm just catching up with blogs.... so spill it. Did ya get the job? Did ya take the job? Are ya happy that ya did?