Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I don't have much of anything fibery to post about this time. The green mitten still doesn't have a mate ( I had an idea which will involve time with graph paper as well as frogging about half of the first mitten, and I haven't gotten around to actually doing it yet), the purple merino/silk bobbin still isn't full (though I'm about 2/3 of the way through the pile-o'-roving), and the huck lace stoles are still stalled (need to take a couple hours to thread the heddles and beam the warp). Lazy, lazy me. I spun for an hour last night, and that's it.

So, as a filler and because I thought of a whole bunch of better weird things after I did this meme the first time, here are Six (More) Weird Things About Me:

1) I have blueish hazel eyes, except for a large brown spot on the iris of my right eye. I've always felt that this is kind of cool.

(Both Emma and I now have pictures of our eyes posted here. Perhaps I should post Shaun's eye too, so the whole family is represented.)

2) I have to have the covers tucked completely around my shoulders when I sleep, right up to my chin.

3) When I eat a sandwich, the fillings must be in a specific order. Meat on the bottom, then cheese, then lettuce/other veggies. If the meat is not on the bottom, I will take the sandwich apart and rearrange it. If it's a PBJ, the peanut butter goes on the bottom. Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, however, are reversed and the cheese must be on the bottom. Also, Miracle Whip not mayo, and never, ever mustard.

4) I have never had a beer or other alcoholic drink (only about a dozen or so sips in my life, enough to know that I don't like them), a cup of coffee, a cigarette, or illegal drugs. The smells of coffee and beer make me nauseated.

5) I never wear any makeup, and haven't since high school (How can it be 18 years since high school? Gah.) I don't consider chapstick (or, as we call it, Lip Goop) to be makeup. I have the bad habit of picking at chapped lips, and Lip Goop is a necessity.

6) I like going to movies by myself. (Not that there has been much movie-going in recent years.) It's not so much that I specifically mind seeing a movie with other people, but if it's something I really want to see, I'd rather go alone. That way, nobody talks to me, I don't talk to anyone, and I can just enjoy the movie. And have the popcorn all to myself.


Leigh said...

I came by to check on your huck weaving progress. I have to admit that I'm a little relieved that you haven't left me behind in the dust. What is it about this time of year that makes it hard to make progress on some things???

I did discover one interesting thing however, you're officially weird! *lol* Just kidding.

Lisa said...

Wow, cool eye! I also must have the covers pulled up around my neck. It's to thwart the vampires!

PJ said...

wow, that is a first! (eye color) that is great that you can go without makeup..I like just foundation and lip stuff...now I don't know about putting coffee in the same sentence of beer, cigs, & illegal drugs....hahaha..covers and meat thing..of course!also the pillow has to be just right for me!

Kris said...

We have an opposing "weird thing". I've never seen a movie by myself. I've attempted to many times and have even driven to the theatre (I've done this three times!) only to change my mind at the last minute and go back home. I don't know what my deal is about that.

yoko said...

I rarely wear makeup myself, and I like going to movies alone (and like going with friends as well), so I can relate.